About Us

Before we talk about who we are, I'll tell you a story about someone named Assad,,,

In 1974 Assad was born in Damascus, the capital of Syria, and Assad's father was owned a shop in Damascus for Syrian sweets & ice cream at that time (Al-Shami Al-Aseel Sweets & Ice Cream),

Years passed until Assad became nine years old where he began to go with his father to the sweets shop in holidays and after school each day to learn how to manufacture sweets and ice cream from his father, as his father did with his grandfather.

Assad went on to learn from his father in addition to the science from the school every day.
His father insisted that Assad pursue his academic studies until he graduated from Damascus University College of Economics and obtained a master's degree in business administration in 1999.
The Master's thesis was titled "Human Resources Management: Objectives, Support and Plans", and it would not have been without his father's insistence and support to complete Assad's education.

In the same year Assad received a job offer in Dubai as an accountant, and he traveled to Dubai, knowing that his father would have preferred to pursue Assad PhD.

In 2007 Assaad decided to return to Damascus to set up his own factory (Afkar Chocolate Factory). He continued to work in his factory until the war began in Syria in 2011.
The war destroyed many factories including the chocolate factory in 2012.
Assad decided to move to Jordan with his family, where the Syrians were not allowed to work there. and he lived in Jordan until 2016, where he was accepted with his family as refugees in USA.

Now, he and his family have spent a whole year in Syracuse.
Finaly Assad decided to work with what he learned from his father, "Sweets & Ice Cream", to be the only reason for everything he learned from his father is to have the opportunity for Syracuse people and visitors to taste what was Assad learned from his father and grandfather in Damascus.

Now let me tell you who we are ,,,

We are the history of a son, father and grandfather. tells the story of the finest Syrian Food, sweets and ice cream, which makes the trips of the son in many countries the reason to deserve the name (Sinbad).

We are the first and only shop in central New York manufacturing all kinds of delicious Syrian Food, sweets & Ice Cream.

We are the first and only shop in USA manufacturing delicious Syrian Stretchy Ice Cream (Hammered Ice Cream)

Sinbad Restaurant offering Middle Eastern Food, Charcoal grilled lamb, chicken & fish, Sweets , Ice Cream (Stretchy Ice Cream), Cold Fresh Juice & Cocktail and finally but not last Hot Drinks including Turkish Coffee on Sands.

⚘ Our purpose and target is to make you happy ⚘

Welcome to Sindbad Restaurant 
Sinbad Restaurant - Middle Eastern