Burjieh Ice Cream

Burjieh Ice Cream is what is known as the most famous
ice cream store in Damacus (Bikdash).

Bikdash store was established in 1885 in the market of
Hamidiya in old Damascus City.

Bikdash store was famous for its delicacy covered
with pistachios.

Burjieh Ice Crream is a flexible fabric made of Mastic
and Moss.

It is famous throughout the Arab world and has become
a popular tourist attraction in Damascus City.


Rolitto Cheese

The Syrian city of Hama is famous for preparing a dish of Cheese Sweet, which is famous for preparing it for hundreds of years.

They also developed it and turned it into a food item that can be exported abroad.

The visitor can take it outside Syria as a delicious gift after it has been prepared in a way that does not spoil its manufactured raw materials Including municipal cream and semolina flour.

The Cheese Sweet is one of the most irresistible dishes, both golden and plush.